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Next Generation SOA Drill-Down: Understanding Modern Service Technologies & Practices

Thomas Erl

October 14, 2010. 4 Hour Workshop

Next generation SOA represents the convergence of mature SOA practices with modern service technology advances. This important milestone in the evolution of service-oriented computing marks a time during which the potential to build robust, sophisticated and inherently flexible service-oriented solutions has never been greater. However, to realize this potential requires a clear understanding of how to best leverage modern-day SOA. For example:
  • How (and to what extent) should new SOA practices be applied when building service-oriented solutions?
  • Which modern service technologies (Cloud-based or otherwise) should used and which should be avoided (and why)?
  • What is service-orientation and why is it important to SOA?
  • What is the SOA Manifesto and how is it relevant when working with modern service technologies?
Join the world’s top-selling SOA author for this fast-paced and in-depth workshop that explores next generation SOA by identifying key challenges and opportunities and stepping attendees through a diverse range of vital considerations, issues, and recommendations. Each workshop attendee will receive a complimentary SOA Certified Professional Self-Study Kit valued at $399 USD. See also information about Thomas Erl’s Keynote

Cost of Course “Next Generation SOA Drill-Down: Understanding Modern Service Technologies & Practices”

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180 USD 220 USD


Thomas Erl is the world’s top-selling SOA author, series editor of the Prentice Hall Service-Oriented Computing Series from Thomas Erl (, and editor of the SOA Magazine ( With over 125,000 copies in print world-wide, his books have become international bestsellers and have been formally endorsed by senior members of major software organizations, such as IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, Sun, Intel, SAP, CISCO, and HP. Two of his seven books, SOA Design Patterns and SOA Principles of Service Design, were authored in collaboration with the IT community and have contributed to the definition of the service-oriented architectural model and service orientation as a distinct paradigm. Thomas is currently working with over 20 authors on six new books dedicated to service-oriented computing and modern service technology platforms, such as cloud computing. In cooperation with™, Thomas has helped develop the curriculum for the internationally recognized SOA Certified Professional accreditation program (, which has established a series of formal, vendor-neutral SOA certifications. Thomas is also the founder of SOA Systems Inc. (, an international company specializing in vendor-neutral SOA consulting and training services. Thomas is the founding member of the SOA Manifesto Working Group (, author of the Annotated SOA Manifesto (, co-chair of the SOA Education Committee, and oversees the initiative, a community site dedicated to the on-going development of a master pattern catalog for SOA. Thomas has toured over 20 countries as a speaker and instructor for public and private events, and regularly participates in SOA Symposium ( and Gartner conferences. Over 100 articles and interviews by Thomas have been published in numerous publications, including the Wall Street Journal and CIO Magazine. For more information, visit

SOA Certified Professional Self-Study Kit Giveaways will be giving away official certification self-study kits (valued at $400 USD each) during three separate conference events:
1. The SOA Architect Pre-Conference Workshop with Leonid Felikson (October 11-13, 2010)
2. The 4 Hour Workshop with Keynote Thomas Erl(October 14, 2010 - 13:30-17:30)
3. A Special Giveaway Contest at the SOA School Exhibition Booth (October 14, 2010 - 17:45)

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