General Internet-partner

Mail.Ru is the foremost Russian Internet portal, serving the entertainment and communication needs of the global Russian-speaking community with a comprehensive array of more than 40 services including the largest Russian free e-mail service, instant messenger Mail.Ru Agent, national social network My Mir@Mail.Ru, and search engine Poisk@Mail.Ru.

The Analytical Banking Magazine is a respectable monthly magazine published since 1995. Over the last several years the magazine has been recognized as the most professional and popular edition in Russian banking industry. The magazine’s subscribers include heads of banks, insurance, financial and investment companies, government, representatives of the legislative and executive authorities from Russia, the CIS, the Baltic states and foreign countries.

FRUCT is an open-innovation framework for strategic R&D cooperation between industry and universities. The program was established in 2007 and by now has become the most significant and actively growing cooperation framework between ICT industry and universities in Baltic region. FRUCT principle is in removing cooperation entering thresholds by setting R&D projects run by students under joint tutoring of industrial and academic experts. FRUCT activities are sponsored by Nokia and Nokia Siemens Networks.

The portal IT-JOB.BY is engaged in accumulation of the information about job and events in IT sphere for the Belarus experts.

IT.TUT.BY is a section within Byelorussian portal TUT.BY. IT.TUT.BY covers IT news, events and trends in Belorussia and the world. IT.TUT.BY not only provides access to the most up-to-date news, but also offers a spectrum of IT-related informational services: key indicators tracker for Byelorussian ICT-market, ADSL-locator, the most complete database of publish Wi-Fi access points in Belorussia, etc. aims at helping software testers, QA specialists and managers, and all other practitioners working on a software quality field. We regularly publish new articles (currently there are more than 200 of them), books and industry reviews. We also maintain a database of educational courses, trainings and workshops; as well as offer a database of vacancies and resumes related to software testing/quality.

The project was developed to give users a possibility to buy and distribute programs. On our site customers have an opportunity to purchase not only separate programs, but also bundles. They can also get different discounts when buying. With the help of the site the authors will be able to register their programs, add information about them to the public catalog and effectively cooperate with the registered users.

The Russian business Internet portal "Alliance Media" ( has been set up for the purpose of Russian businessmen information support, for development of business partnership, for promotion of products and services and establishment of mechanisms for doing e-business. The resources of the portal contain the information on more than 70 subject-matter web sites of Small Business Information Supply Network of Moscow. Russian Business Portal "Alliance Media" is the leader among systems and resources of information support of business in Russia.


"BYTE/Russia" Magazine for IT-professionals and the qualified corporate users.

PC Magazine ( — the leading source of IT knowledge in Belarus. News, analytics and blogs from one side and detailed salaries statistics, exclusive market reviews with independent rating of IT companies from the other side make indispensable as for belarusian IT professionals as decision makers. Is a popular information-entertaining Internet-portal, unites the most actual the Internet-resources: news, search, mail, shops, a chat, the poster, etc.

CNews.Ru is the largest Russian media about high technologies. It targets mostly top- and mid-managers, IT-professionals and software developers. CNEWS.RU publishes up to 15 000 articles and news per year and has over 2 000 000 unique visitors per month; CNEWS also distributes paper versions of their periodicals, conducts analytical research, etc.

PROFIT is a network resource about Kazakh IT-market events. Cooperating with specialized publications and leading public mass media, PROFIT provides the maximum IT-events coverage and offers the best Kazakh IT-market materials.

"IT Consulting" is a full service software consulting company offering the consulting services and trainings in all areas of the full software development cycle. The company holds in-house and online training, seminars and workshops in the software design and development areas. Our team provides the consulting services to the software development companies. — information about web development techniques. Standards, web-languages, code examples, best practices and more.

"QA — competently" talks about organization of testing processes in small and middle companies in ex-USSR environment. Technical experience is the main point of discussing. Also there are present books and industry reviews, educational courses, trainings and workshops.

MIS-inform, Ltd. — Company was founded in 1996. MIS-inform is full service firm specializing in telecom market investigations. Its proposes oriented for managers & marketers standard information issues and individual marketing investigations. Best prices and good quality of documents. Our subscribers are Russian first-rate telecom companies.

Site ProTesting.RU is a Russian speaking resource about Quality Assurance and Software Testing. On its pages you can find a lot of useful theoretical data and practical advice about software testing. Site materials are being continuously updated so with every new visit you can always discover something you didn’t know before.

ProTesting.RU specialists can provide consulting and technical services in quality assurance and software testing upon your request. — Russian community of MySQL developers and DBAs. One may find notes and guidelines for using MySQL within scalable projects. The forum is an expert place with a good attitude towards beginners.

Magazine "CIO" is the business monthly edition for heads of IT departments (CIO’s), financial managers, CEO’s. The main theme of magazine is using information technologies in business with the purpose of increase of an overall performance of the Russian enterprises. These are news messages, reviews, analytics, interview and recommendations for the experts borrowed by practical organizational and enterprise activity, about ways of use of modern means of information, automation and communication in a corporate practice.

Interface Company was found in 1990. Today it’s one of the leading Russian suppliers of tools and solutions of enterprise information systems creation, application development, project management, reengineering of enterprises, OLAP.

Open Systems is the oldest Russian journal on complex information system design. State-of-the-art platforms, operation systems, DBMS, application and data integration, IT management. Program engineering. IT education issues. The journal is certified by Superior Certification Commission (VAK). is the best Russian web resource designed to share the professional experience of architects, analysts, developers and project managers, and aims to have a rich library and competence center of business and system analysis, requirement development and management, design, and software development methodologies, in order to improve the skills of Russian software engineers. This project was the basis for the creation of the Community of Analysts in Russia (CAR). The CAR aims to expand the Russian software analysis and design community and to strengthen the Russian IT industry.

Softline Company founded in 1993 is the leading supplier of a wide spectrum of software on the market of Russia and the CIS countries. Today Softline is an authorized partner of more than 300 well-known domestic and world-wide developers (Microsoft, Symantec&VERITAS, Citrix, IBM, McAfee, Novell, Oracle, VMWare, Corel, Adobe etc.).

"СОЕДИНЯЮ" ( — online journal, which publishes articles and news about information technology. On our site you’ll find articles and news about security in IT, the range and possibilities of modern communications, people and information that affects people. — education calendar of conferences, round tables, seminars and trainings, open for adding events after registration. — one of the biggest Russian on-line software shops listed more than 9 000 different programs and games from 1500 vendors in its catalogue. It provides fast delivery for both download and box product versions, system of bonus for loyal customers and 20+ payment methods. Box delivery service covers all territory of Russian Federation. The order with 3 000+ price delivery is free of payments.

Internet-project "Corporate management" ( contains more than 50,000 pages of references and methodical information, fragments and complete texts of the books, selected publications of leading journals in the market and experts views. The publisher is Group of companies "Alt-Invest" company establishes professional IT management community in the Russian Federation and former Republics of the USSR.

System Approach Ltd provide consulting and trainings in areas:

  • IT Enterprise Architecture development
  • IT & Software project management
  • Software development process and methodology evaluation and improvement
  • Requirements management and development

A series of events in which participants create
IT-projects from idea to prototype in two days.

Qulix Systems is a custom software development company with offices in Belarus, Russia, Canada and the UK. Providing a wide range of application development outsourcing services to our clients in Europe, Russia, USA and Canada we bring positive impact to their business. With Qulix You Can:

  • Get direct control over the application development process;
  • Access the most qualified regional labour force;
  • Reduce costs of custom application development and QA outsourcing. can help you find and hire the right people for your company. With over 280,000 job seekers visiting daily and the best screening and hiring tools.

Aidem Group (St. Petersburg) provides services on designing and developing Web sites, software, web and mobile applications, custom content management systems, usability, as well as advertising on the Internet. The staff has been involved in projects for companies such as Intel, Quest, Ads Dot Com. The company guarantees operability of every product developed.

SOA School (

"POISK" - is Russian weekly newspaper for professionals in the field of science, teaching, IT and managers in the sphere of science and education. "POISK" is printing news from research centers and universities situated not only in Russia but all over the world, articles dedicated to actual problems of science & educational community, opinions of authorities in basic and applied science, education.

Software Engineering Forum Belarus - the project unites IT professionals of Belarus. SEF.BY:

  • software engineering guru’s;
  • opportunity for IT professionals to manifest themselves;
  • Belarus’ Software Engineering Industry in faces;
  • software engineering trends;
  • business processes reengineering, innovations implementation;
  • opportunity for SE-enterprises to form business networks, search for new organizational forms;
  • high-graded content from software engineering experts. is an entertaining resource that shows clouds of messages posted by all of the website users. The website enables users to communicate, to share news and advertising. User can publish a message within 160 characters that becomes immediately public without any personal identification.

Web 2.0 magazine - web 2.0 in a simple way.

UMI.CMS is a convenient, fast and efficient content management system, aimed for web-projects of any complexity. The solution will meet all the requirements of a website owner, as well as will reduce costs of site development for web-studios. is one of the largest and oldest web-projects in Russia, dedicated to content management systems.

WWW.BYBANNER.COM - network new. Internet publication of high technologies in Belarus and the world BYBANNER.COM highlights and analyzes the events that take place in the Belarusian Internet and IT-industry a whole. Operation news from Belarusian and International IT companies posted on daily. For attention of site visitors offered only the most notable events in information technology, interviews with leading figures of the Belarusian IT-industry and the Internet.

TheVista.Ru Leading the future. The resource is dedicated to the Microsoft’s products. Latest news, products overview, useful articles and advices for developers.

Ruby on rails web development

IT Expert

IT Manager

IT News

ERPNEWS is an agency of relevant news about automation management systems for present-day enterprises.

ERPNEWS is represented by the magazine "ERPNEWS. Business automation technologies" and - the most comprehensive technology news web portal, which is the gathering point for professionals, services and software. The site was developed to carry breaking news, valuable information, expert comments and judgments reported and written by dozens of professionals, product reviews, job and sales leads and industry thought leadership. Objectiveness is the main mission of ERPNEWS!

The Club of Successful Software Managers ( is an Internet resource for Russia-speaking software project managers. It publishes articles about managing software teams as well as interviews with top-managers from leading high-tech companies and industry recognized experts.

Club is a cooperation of professionals who understand the importance of information technologies to improve the management and competitiveness of the Russian economy and want to have a place for some non-formal discussions to face their problems and assist each other. Informal meetings of the club are held at least once a month.

REG.RU — is an accredited domain name Registrar in the РФ/ RU/ SU domain zones. At the moment the company is servicing every third domain name in Russian Federation. REG.RU provides a complete range of domain registration and IP-address assigning services in more than 150 domain zones as well as hosting, web mail, VPS and Dedicated servers. REG.RU — domain services established innovator, its unique patented programs guarantee efficient domain registration and administration.

"Business of innovative technologies 2010" is the competition among innovative ideas, projects and teams of entrepreneurs. The main aim of the Competition is to give the chance to talented and capable persons to create the successful business as a source of money.

BIT is being held since 2003. More than 1 300 projects have been considered; nearby 6 000 persons have been included into BIT community of entrepreneurs; more than 200 experts, specialized in various areas, have participated in an estimation of business plans of contestants; more than 6 million rubles have been paid to winners since the start of the competition. Within the limits of Competition educational seminars and the trainings are organized to allow entrepreneurs with no experience to take necessary knowledge of business and help to find irreplaceable members of the future team.

Positive Technologies is among the key players in the IT security market in Russia. The principal activities of the сompany include the development of integrated tools for information security monitoring (MaxPatrol); providing IT security consulting services and technical support; the development of the Securitylab leading Russian information security portal.

ICO Information for All

Implementation of own projects and promotion the partner’s efforts in the sphere of ICT literacy, information culture, media education, and communicative sciences; preservation and ensuring the accessibility of socially significant information; facilitation the comprehension of social, ethical and legal aspects of ICT use.

TECHLABS is the only content portal on hardware and IT subject matters in Byelorussian Internet. The resource specialization is quiet diverse and covers all the aspects of IT both in Belarus and abroad.

At present TECHLABS is, first of all, a unique test laboratory on all major hardware subject matters which are covered on the pages of the edition. On average 40 to 60 professional materials are published monthly.

At present our resource is visited by 6 000 visitors per day who look through over 50 000 pages per day. We are visited, respectively, by 200 000 visitors a month who look through up to 1 500 000 pages.

The aim of TECHLABS project is to give the possibility to get helpful and objective data on IT in the form of daily renewed news and reviews on computer hardware, software and IT.

PROGRAM ENGINEERING is the theoretical and applied scientific and technical magazine. The main themes of magazine are the condition and tendencies of development of the basic areas of the software industry, connected with designing, constructing, architecture, maintenance of quality and software’ life cycle support. Also achievements in the field of creation and operation of applied program -information systems in all areas of human activity are considered.

Luxoft Training Center: Hands-on knowledge from Software Engineering Experts - the resource of the book "Modeling in UML" with video lessons for system architects, analysts, programmers, system modelers and their customers. Everything about modeling of the structure, interaction modeling, behavior modeling and management of models. All the necessary materials for effective work of all who concerns to IT, software development and the analysis of challenges.

PMI Moscow Chapter Project Management Magazine (ISSN 1814-2133) issues from 2004. Authors are Russian and worldwide PM Experts, PM Professionals and PM practitioners. PM Magazine is oriented to large sections of top and middle management, CEO, CPO, CIO, Project, Program and Project Portfolio managers, PM practitioners from wide range of industries, social and government agencies and institutes, PM trainers and PM beginners.
Russian-based ABBYY is a leading software manufacturer and provider of text recognition, document capture, linguistics, and translation services. ABBYY solutions are used by more than 30 million people and tens of thousands of organizations worldwide.

We would be pleased to see your organization among the companies supporting our initiative to consolidate progressive software engineering knowledge and technologies in this conference. Please contact us by mailing to in order to get information about sponsorship opportunities and benefits.