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Contemporary SDKs As a Means for Integrating R&D-Intensive Technologies into Third-Party Applications

Andrey Lubenets

ABBYY’s flagship products include FineReader, an optical character recognition system, and Lingvo, a set of electronic dictionaries. Developing these products has required extensive R&D work, but now third-party developers can empower their own products with ABBYY’s OCR and dictionary technologies, which are available on multiple platforms, from smartphones to SaaS servers. Possible implementations include text-to-speech devices that read out books, smartphones that can translate restaurant menus in foreign languages, mobile applications that help users to fill out and submit tax returns, and many more. All these applications require Artificial Intelligence technologies which take years to develop. Once developed, however, they can be easily re-used by other developers via SDK interfaces. In this paper, we will examine what requirements today’s SDKs should meet to ensure their fast and flexible integration.


Andrey Lubenets is one of the founders of corporate software development at ABBYY. He was in charge of the development of ABBYY FormReader, a data capture solution for corporate clients, and has been chief manager of large-scale data capture projects implemented by the Lithuanian and Russian tax authorities. Andrey graduated from Moscow State University, where he studied computer science, and holds a number of patents.

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