Leonid Felikson

International SOA experts and members of major SOA vendors came together to make a formal declaration of service-oriented architecture (SOA) that would help counter much of the ambiguity and confusion that has surround this term. This declaration was authored as the SOA Manifesto, a formal document published at www.soa-manifesto.org. The Annotated SOA Manifesto (www.soa-manifesto.com) was released soon after to provide commentary and insights to the original document. Now, for the first time, both documents are translated into Russian by Certified SOA Architect Leonid Felikson. During this informative session, Mr. Felikson will step through the value statements and guiding principles of the SOA Manifesto and will further help clarify the explicit distinction it makes between service orientation, as a design paradigm, and service-oriented architecture, as a style of architecture achieved via the application of service orientation. He will address pragmatic approaches to challenges that business and IT communities have to overcome in order to succeed with SOA adoption.

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Mr. Felikson has over 25 years of experience in software design, development, and implementation of large scale enterprise distributed systems, including consultation for both the government and private sectors. He is a SOASchool.com Certified SOA Architect and Certified SOA Trainer with a diversified background in information systems, enterprise architecture and service-oriented architecture. For the past 11 years, his focus has been on distributed computing; systems analysis, design, and integration; web services patterns and technologies; and service-oriented architecture and practices. Mr. Felikson has extensive hands-on experience in product development and architecture in the software industry and he is a named expert in the field of distributed computing. He is a thought leader in providing the best solutions in IT strategy and in developing and utilizing SOA adoption enterprise-scale programs and SOA roadmaps. He is an innovator in establishing practices of modeling, designing, developing, and deploying services, performing both leadership and technical roles in delivering enterprise-scale applications and business process integration implementations.

Mr. Felikson devotes his time to knowledge sharing and education, mentoring and evangelizing SOA concepts and SOA practices. He has taught courses and seminars on the principles of operating systems and computer programming, as well as database concepts and design, data structures and algorithms, and software architecture and methodologies at a variety of public and private organizations. Mr. Felikson has extensive teaching experience, working with a variety of schools and colleges, including serving as faculty at Johns Hopkins University for the last 10 years. He has developed curricula and taught courses within the CS and IST graduate programs at JHU. Since 2005, Mr. Felikson has been a contributing member of WS-I (www.ws-i.org), participating and contributing to the development of the WS-I Basic Profile 1.2 and the WS-I Reliable Secure Profile 1.0. He is also a member of the SOA Education Committee (www.soacommittee.org). Mr. Felikson received his B.S. and M.S. in Computer Science from the Ural Polytechnic Institute, in Russia.

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1. The SOA Architect Pre-Conference Workshop with Leonid Felikson (October 11-13, 2010)
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3. A Special Giveaway Contest at the SOA School Exhibition Booth (October 14, 2010 - 17:45)