Alexander Kondakov

Independent Consultant CMMI. Kondakov Inspirex Consulting


In the last two to three years in software development companies and organizations the role “process engineer” was significantly raised (as a separate role or joined with other roles).

This paper contains attempt to define of the role of process engineer in development company, as well as a version of the classification for such specialists based on their skills and knowledge. This classification can be used for the selection of specialists, in accordance with the needs of organization and using methodologies and standards (CMMI ®, ISO, Agile methodologies).

The findings, presented in this paper are based on personal experiences of the author received while performing work related to software process improvement, implementing the recommendations of CMMI ® models and appraisals of processes against CMMI® models. These works were carried out in Russia, Ukraine and some other European countries.
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After graduation of Moscow State University of Means of Communications (MIIT) in 1994, Alexander has started his career in IT industry from “low level” manager, continuing it as lead tester and head of testing department. Also he has a 5-year experience as CIO in two Russian companies, where, despite of managing job, he participated in initiatives related to implementation of industrial standards like ISO9000 and ITIL. Later he managed testing laboratory in “SPIRIT” company, where besides of successful deliveries of products to customers from different countries (Russia, North Korea, Israel, and Japan), he participated in implementation of CMM and, later, CMMI® practices. Also certification against standard ISO9001 was successfully completed.

Since 2005 Alexander works as consultant and instructor in companies – official partners of SEI institute (developer of CMM и CMMI® models). At the end of 2006 года Alexander became the only one Russian SEI certificated instructor of official CMMI®-related course. At the end of 2008 he also was certificated as Lead Appraiser (person who certificated by SEI to lead official appraisals against CMMI® model requirements).

Staying the only one Russian certificated instructor and certificated Lead Appraiser, Alexander has taught people on more than 15 official courses and had lead 11 official appraisals of different levels and classes not only in Russia, but in countries of Eastern and Western Europe too.