Dmitry Ovechkin

Agile is the main stream in a software development process today. There are so many articles and books describing SCRUM, Kanban and Lean but after reading you probably will think about how to adopt the described methodology in real life. In my speech I am going to tell about real experience in a multi-level planning in Agile what was adopted and tested in a real development center. I will observe quarter, release and sprint planning. Also I will touch a reaction mechanism on a customer when he changes plans and scope and what you need to be ready to that.

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Dmitry Ovechkin is Deputy Director of Engineering in Grid Dynamics. He began his career as a software engineer and passed out a path through a team lead and Head of Development Center in Luxoft to Deputy Director of Engineering. His main technology domain was a telecommunication: private exchange, cellular protocols and ZigBee wireless networks. Dmitry was leading a development of products related with ZigBee wireless technology. On one of the project he successfully adopted Agile (SCRUM) and since that time he was a fan of this mythology. At the present time he is heading up a Moscow engineering organization in Grid Dynamics which is developing software solutions in Cloud Computing, HPC and Scalable Systems areas.