Sergei Andrzeevski

This experience report titled, "The main challenges of implementing fixed-price agile projects for corporate customers" deals with the difficulties development teams encounter in delivering fixed-price agile projects for traditional corporate clients. The report also lays out the rationale for the agile approach to fixed-price contracts, and cites examples of successful implementations.

The main challenges to successful delivery of agile projects under fixed-price contracts are as follows:

  • Correct estimation of fixed-price agile projects
  • Misalignment between classical functional requirements and User Stories
  • Difficulty in handling change requests typical for agile projects with fixed budget
  • Differences between document-oriented and communication-oriented practices
  • Complexity of embedding specific agile projects into traditional (waterfall) customer environments
  • Tracking implemented scope and spent budget

The report also offers practical advice to address the aforementioned difficulties.

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Graduated from faculty of Physics of Saint-Petersburg State University in 1988. After graduation worked as a programmer and later as a software development manager.

Since 2002 Sergei was working as manager for numerous XP (Extreme Programming) projects developed in Exigen Services for a leading chip manufacturer. Later Sergei was working as SCRUM Мaster and agile coach for set of offshore project in banking area. Presented free public webinars in different agile topics.

Since 2010 Sergei is working in First Line Software. Certified SCRUM Мaster, author of different publications in agile area, creator of program for management of SCRUM and XP projects called ‘Sprintometer’.