Dr. Sergey Zykov, PhD

The problem of building and maintaining distributed large-scale software applications is really a serious challenge. The processes concerned are hampered by the avalanche of bulky data, which is heterogeneous in structure and architecture. Therewith, an integral methodological approach (which includes not only CASE-level software and technologies, but also rigorous and uniform mathematical models) is required to conquer the complexity and challenges. The approach embraces the entire enterprise software development lifecycle. The methodology suggested simplifies system maintenance due to component-level metadata pattern management, which increase high artifacts reuse, and easily adapt to changeable business requirements. The paper presents the approach outline, and discusses a number of successful implementations based on the pattern management methodology.

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Dr. Sergey Zykov, PhD. has IT experience 15+ yrs, incl. 10+ yrs in oil-and-gas industry (IT Dept Deputy Director position in ITERA Group). Consulting Russian Ministry of Industry and Energy, Institute for Control Problems of Russian Academy of Science, and other large state and private enterprises in internet portal development.

PhD, Associate Professor at Higher School of Economics, expert in enterprise internet software systems, first certified mentor of Carnegie-Mellon University iCarnegie program in CIS, Certified Web Professional in e-commerce.

Doctor thesis on internet portal development methodology; 7 projects supported by grants of Microsoft Research (manager) and Russian Foundation for Basic Research; 100+ papers and 4 books; presenting and reviewing papers at 30+ IT conferences in Russia, US, and EU.

SEC(R) speaker since 2005. CEE-SEC(R) Program Committee Member since 2008.