Dmitry Vavilov

Denis Dovzhenko

Alexander Anisimov

Engineers at Motorola Mobility Software Center in St.-Petersburg have significant experience in implementation of 3D video and graphics support in a variety of digital video processing and display system. Analysis of major world trends in this area allowed the authors preparing hints on Stereo 3D application development how to surmount the major current obstacle for extensive transition to 3D TV - lack of Stereo 3D content. Recommendations for the Russian market are provided.

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Dr. Dmitry 0. Vavilov graduated from the Baltic State Technical University in 1994. In 1999 he received his PhD in calculating methods.

Dmitry has been working at the Motorola software development center in St. Petersburg, Russia, for more than 11 years. He was responsible for new technologies evaluation and deployment. Now he is the manager of system engineering research projects working for Home & Networks Mobility. Dr. Vavilov is also the IEEE Russia North West Section’s Industry Relations Officer since 2004.

Dmitry is the co-author of SECR 2009 presentation "Perspectives of Digital TV applications development in Russia", SECR 2008 presentation "System Engineering: from marketing requirements to product specifications", and several IEEE publications (

Denis Dovzhenko, Principal Staff Engineer. In 1987 graduated from Leningrad state university, joined Motorola in 1999. Recent activities are focused on development of future Digital TV systems, including all-home multimedia networking.

Alexander Anisimov, 4-year student of Mathematics and Mechanics faculty, St.Petersburg State University.