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Mutation testing framework for software reliability model analysis and reliability estimation

Aleksandar Dimov

Senthil Kumar Chandran

Sasikumar Punnekkat

After several years of research, even today estimation of software reliability is extremely challenging. The undeterministic nature of the factors that contribute to the reliability estimation has led to the development of numerous statistical models for this purpose. One of the important factors that contribute o software reliability is testing. The aim of this paper is to use mutation testing for estimating the "true" eliability of a system and provide a framework for estimation of uncertainty bounds associated with testing nd a measure for factors such as test coverage, time between failures and code coverage that contribute o the estimation of reliability and use mutation testing as a tool to create a software failure dataset. The approach is experimented with an open source search tool.


Aleksandar Dimov, PhD is an assistant professor in Software Technologies at the Sofia University "St. Kl. Ohridski" in Bulgaria. He got his PhD degree in 2006 in topic of Software Architecture and further in 2009 continued with one year post doctoral research at the School of Innovation and Design at Malardalen University in Sweden. He has also been awarded with diploma by the President of Republic of Bulgaria, for contribution to the development of Information Technologies. His main research interests include Component-Based Software Engineering; Software Architecture; Program Languages; Software Reliabilty; Embedded Software Systems; Real-Time Operating Systems, Web Services and Service Oriented Architecture.

Senthil Kumar Chandran is a Senior Scientist in Safety Research Institute at Atomic Energy Regulatory Board, India. He has more than 15 years experience and is involved in the probabilistic safety assessment of safety systems in nuclear power plants. He was a post-doctoral researcher (2009-2010) under the EU-Asia mobility project EURECA, at Malardalen University, Sweden. His research interest include software reliability, uncertainty and risk assessment.

Sasikumar Punnekkat is a Professor in dependable software engineering at Malardalen University(MDH), Sweden and the leader of the Dependable systems research group. He has more than 15 years industrial experience as a scientist at the Indian Space research Organization, and was the Head of Software test and reliability engineering. He was recipient of the prestigious Commonwealth Scholarship of the Government of UK and was awarded Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Science by the University of York in 1997 for his research on schedulability analysis of fault-tolerant systems. He was a post-doctoral research fellow (1999-2000) and a senior lecturer (2004-2007) at MDH. He is the coordinator of a large EU-Asia mobility and cooperation project, EURECA, funded by the EU. He is the program director of the Master Programs in Software Engineering at MDH. His research interests include multiple aspects of Real-time Systems, Dependability, and Software Engineering.

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