Bogumila Hnatkowska

MDA can be easy adopted to data models. Conceptual, logical, and physical database models can beregarded as PIM, PSM and code level within MDA architecture. MDA transformations concentrate onfunctional demands and aim in data preservation. However, beside functional also non-functional demandsshould be taken into account within model driven development. Non-functional requirements can influence bothvertical and horizontal transformations between models.
In the paper the focus is put on horizontal transformations sometimes also called model refactorizations. Theaim of refactorization is to improve the software quality, but the meaning of quality is not limited tomaintainability. The paper proposes extension to MDA in which non-functional demands serve as differentialmechanism for selection of the best model among many alternative models resulting from horizontaltransformations.
A proof of concept solution for logical data models was build and the idea was experimentally confirmed.Among non-functional requirements only performance is taken into consideration. The formalism to expressrequirements is also given.


Bogumila Hnatkowska received MSc degree and PhD degree in Computer Science in 1992 and 1997 respectively, both from the Wroclaw University of Technology, Poland. Her PhD dissertation was associated with the use of formal methods in software engineering. Since 1998 she has been working as a professor assistant at the Institute of Informatics, Wroclaw University of Technology. Her main scientific interests include, but are not limited to software development processes, modeling languages, model driven development, model transformations, and quality of the software products. She is a member of programme committees of several international conferences. Bogumila Hnatkowska has over 60 publications in international journals and conference proceedings from different areas of software engineering.