Maxim Talanov

Andrei Krekhov

Makhmutov Aidar

Software engineering is at the very start of it’s automation. There are a lot of helpers, code-generators, IDE-s and so on that does not really help to automate the complete software development life-circle from Functional requirements specification till the actual code.

We explore the idea to generate the actual software solution using standard Functional requirements specification, change request or bug-report in three main modules: linguistic, perceiving and solution generation with heavily used knowledge base in OWL (web ontology language).

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Dr. Maxim Talanov is a Professional computer programmer (15 years), specializing in NLP, machine learning, text mining. His current position is an architect and technical expert at the Fujitsu (Russia). In parallel he conducts research in multiple aspects examines both automatic systems and collaborative systems as well as computational models of human software engineering activities including programming languages, program analysis, compilers optimizations and runtimes for parallel and high performance computer systems. His past R&D projects include the knowledge representations and artificial intelligence techniques applicable to automated software engineering, and formal techniques that support or provide theoretical foundations.

Не received a Master of Science in Computer Science from Kazan State Technological University; and a Doctor of Philosophy in Math modeling of electromagnetic fields from Kazan State Technological University.

Andrei Krekhov received a Master Degree in Computer Science,. Technical University (Russia); and Master of Science in Business Administration. Michigan State University, MI. (USA). He holds current position at Fujitsu (Russia) as a Head of Business development, Planning and strategy. Beside his principal work activities as a lead manager, he focuses on research and strategic use of information technology in the service sector and, specifically, the comprehensive automation development for large information technology organizations. Before his top management positions, he worked as a systems analyst, systems programmer, and project manager. By having HIS business consulting experience he continues to work as a business consultant for LEJANIX (Toronto: Canada) in medical sector.

Makhmutov Aidar is a computer programmer, interested in machine learning and artificial intelligence. His current position is a software developer at the Fujitsu (Russia). In addition to the main work he involved in theoretical and practical researches in ontology and artificial intelligence areas.
Aidar received a Master of Science in Computer Science from Kazan State University and now he is second year PhD student in Kazan State University.