Naeem Muhammad

The use of parallelism enhances the performance of a software system. However, its excessive use candegrade the system performance. In this paper we propose a parallelism viewpoint to optimize the use ofparallelism by eliminating unnecessarily used parallelism in legacy systems. The parallelism viewpointdescribes parallelism of the system in order to analyze multiple overheads associated with its threads. We usethe proposed viewpoint to find parallelism specific performance overheads of an industrial case, a precisioncritical parallelism-intensive electron microscope software system. Results show that reduction in parallelismrequires a profound insight into the thread-model of the system, which can be achieved by using our proposedviewpoint.

Keywords: Architecture Viewpoint; Software Performance; Multithreading; Software Architecture.


Naeem Muhammad is a doctoral researcher at the Department of Computer Science, KatholiekeUniversiteit Leuven, Belgium. Where, he is a member of the DistriNet Research Group, and theEmbedded and ubiquitous systems task force.Currently, Naeem Muhammad is working on Condor project. The project deals with the high-techembedded systems challenges for heterogeneous complex devices such as electron microscopes. Hisinvolvement in the project focuses on architectural level modelling and analysis of softwareperformance for such systems.His research interests include Software and System Architecture, Modelling of System Quality Attributes(Non-Functional Requirements) and Software Architecture Reconstruction.To find more information about Naeem Muhammad, please visit: