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The program of the conference “CEE-SECR 2010″ was published. It includes about 100 events (88 presentations, 4 round tables, 7 workshops)

The program of the Sixth Eastern-European Software Engineering Conference CEE-SECR 2010, which will be held October 13-15, 2010 in Moscow, was published. Besides already familiar to the participants Keynote talks, Invited talks and Regular talks, this year’s program includes new Special talks by the partners of the conference, including CMU Software Engineering Institute, European Software Institute, etc. The conferemce includes about 100 events: 88 presentations, 4 round tables, 7 workshops.

There will be workshops as "Masterly Programming" by the legendary creator of C++ language Bjarne Stroustrup and "SOA Of The New Generation" by Thomas Erl, one of the well-known international experts in SOA. The participiants be highly interested in such events as the official training on CMMI and SOA, a workshop on the organization of the software sales process, a workshop on the maintenance of Web 2.0 software quailty and a workshop on the tools of software development by IBM.

Among the key reports, besides the presentations by Bjarne Stroustrup and Thomas Erl, the most remarkable are "The Development Experience In Yandex: Features Of The Process And Key Technologies" - Ilya Segalovich, CTO and co-founder of Yandex will be a speaker. Richard Soley of the world’s largest industrial consortiums Object Management Group (OMG) and the SOA Consortium, will make a report "CISQ: quality of the software management becomes cheaper". Traditionally, several key reports will be made by the leading experts of some large multinational companies. Ben Lifshitts, Microsoft, will talk about the problems of the performance and security of Web applications; Steve Todd, EMC, will speak about the modern trends in hi-tech innovations, and Rick Weaver, IBM, will tell participiants about the best experiences of the software production.

Among the invited reports there are "The Problems Of Software Development Or The Problems Of The Management?" The speaker is Sergey Arkhipenkov, an expert in the software development management, PMP ® PMI. What "Difficulties Of Becoming The Manager In Different Types Of The IT Companies" one can encounter, an independent consultant, business-couch, founder of the "Club of Successful Managers-Programers" ( Alexander Orlov will tell. Professor Andrew H. Terekhov, CEO of LANIT-Tercom, and Andrei Terekhov, Head of Strategic Technologies Department of Microsoft Ukraine, will make a report called called "From outsourcing to the products". Stas Fomin, who is a deputy manager of information technology in the company "Custom Informsystema", teaches at the MIPT and ISPRAS going to make a presentation "Agile Learning: Effective tools".

The conference will include several round tables: "Cloud Computing", moderated by Mr. Jennifer Trelewicz, Deputy Technical Director of Social Product in the Internet holding Mail.Ru in Moscow, "Software Development Centers Of Multinational Companies In Russia: Achievements and Problems", led by Vyacheslav Nesterov, CEO of the Center for Development of EMC in St. Petersburg, "Crowdsourcing: Is This Model Appliable For Industrial Software Development?" by Nicholas Puntikov, chairman of the RusSoft association.

The conference will include many leading companies, including IBM, Microsoft, Cisco, Softline,, SOA Systems, SOFTEAM, Inspirex Consulting, Sony Ericsson, Luxoft, Motorola, Infostroy, EPAM, Auriga, Yandex, EMC2, OMG.

And this is just a small part of the program. To deal with so many events and choose the most interesting for yourself, please visit the conference
Registration for the conference and additional information are available on the website or by phone 7 (495) 999-61-06. You should hurry to register before the end of September in order to receive a discount. The organizers reserve the right to make changes to the program: to change the time for statements or to add new events.

The conference is held by companies TEKAMA, INTSPEI, UNOVA Media and State University — Higher School of Economics.

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