Steve Todd


This presentation will focus on changing the culture of global corporations such that innovation occurs more frequently outside of the US and targets local customers. The resulting products can then be sold back into the United States (as well as around the world). EMC is building a global innovation network for this purpose and the talk will highlight specific examples and use cases of global software engineers (intrapreneurs) building innovative solutions that are being consumed world-wide.

This talk will survey the creation of software from information storage systems in Ireland, to information capture software in Russia; from disaster recovery software in Israel, to information security services in India; and from consumer information devices in Shanghai to personal information search algorithms in Beijing. A detailed use case will describe how Beijing software engineers have created software to address local privacy concerns, and how this software may address the growing need for secure, private search of information in US-based public clouds.

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Steve Todd’s software implementation of RAID technology was one of the first and most successful in the history of the information storage industry. Over half a million CLARiiON storage devices have been globally installed, protecting the world’s critical information using Steve’s patented data protection algorithms. As an EMC Distinguished Engineer he has filed over 150 patent applications on such diverse topics as information storage management, scalable object stores, non-disruptive data migration, cloud multi-tenancy, and information lineage.

Steve’s current research interests include collaboration with computer scientists at Harvard (provenance algorithms for healthcare and scientific archiving), and MIT (archival interoperability via industry standard object APIs).

Steve is the author of the “Innovate With Influence” book series, which will soon include his upcoming book “Innovate With Global Influence”. He writes about technology on his blog, the Information Playground.

Steve is a member of Mensa International.

Born in Salem, Massachusetts (1965). B.S. in Computer Science University of New Hampshire (1987), M.S. in Computer Science University of New Hampshire (2006), EMC Distinguished Engineer (2008).