Rick Weaver

From the moment we wake up to the time we go to bed, the role of software impacts everything we do. Collectively, we all are building a Smarter Planet by making smarter products, making our cities smarter, and making our vehicles more intelligent. In doing so, software is the invisible thread that makes this innovation possible. As we build smarter products, the role of software development is vitally important. In this keynote, we will share some of the lessons Rational has learned as we’ve optimized our software development teams. We will also look at how some of these best practices are shaping the architecture of Rational tools and our overall tool strategy.


Rick Weaver is Program Director of Rational Development’s "Unleash the Labs" Program. This program is designed to help customers when deep lab expertise is needed. In his 20 years with IBM, Rick has been working around the world with clients helping them be successful with software and systems development. Internally to IBM, Rick has also been involved with driving product integrations across Rational, WebSphere, and IM and has been responsible for IBM’s SOA Tool strategy.