Alexander Orlov

consultant, coach


How do people become managers in our IT companies? They usually come from engineers. To make this transition successful it must be done internally – from one type of thinking to the different one, from one role to the other. Various research articles say it may take from 6 months up to 2 years to complete the transition. According to the author’s experience some managers have stuck in the process.
In addition, this transition from engineer’s thinking to manager’s one depends on the type of the company the people work for. Different companies and different org structures requires different managerial and communication skillset, as well as different balance of those skills.

In his speech author bases on 6-years experience as a manager in large IT companies, as well as on educational experience when more than 1000 managers from best IT companies of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova took part. The report will highlight main obstacles in personal transition to IT management and how company type impacts this transition.

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Alexander Orlov

Alexander Orlov

Alexander Orlov. Consultant, coach.
Founder of Happy PM Club ( – entertaining and educational project for managers in IT companies. Author of the book "Secrets of Managing Software Engineers". (All in Russian.)

Author of a number of courses on retention and motivation, career development in IT companies, specifically (all information is in Russian):

Speaker at the conferences:

Professional Experience

2007 – 2010, founder, consultant.

2004 – 2008
Intel, engineer manager, led the teams in the project:

  • Intel SOA Expressway – software for fast integration of Web-services and high-performance XML processing.
  • Apache Harmony – independent open-source implementation of Java 5.

2000 – 2004
Sun Microsystems, Inc. – work per contract, leading the department of testing Java on mobile devices: