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According to industry statistics the past ten years only one third of software projects is completed successfully within the constraints of the Project Triangle. But is it true that we apply the criteria of project success, which came to us from the world of material production? Software Engineering is a new kind of human activity, which differs from the material production. Programmers produce collective thoughts and express them in a particular programming language. This is not a material product. Management experience accumulated in the production of things often is not effective or suitable in software development. The software project should be managed by another way. The report will be discussed on the fundamental distinctions of software development, the problems and contradictions that arise in the software project management as a result of ignoring the specifics of the industry. The report will explain the Theory-W by Barry W. Boehm, the Transpersonal Psychology by A. Maslow and the software project management approach based on principles. The author’s goal is to demonstrate that the properly managed project can be successfully executed by team of ordinary developers.

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Sergey Arkhipenkov Sergey Arkhipenkov

Sergey Arkhipenkov. The expert in software project management, PMP® PMI. In software development for over 30 years. Create simulations of complex space systems in the Mission Control Center. Managed business software development and SEPI projects for PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Luxoft, CBOSS. Served projects commissioned by the European Space Agency, “Daimler-Benz Aerospace”, corporation “Boeing”, Bank of Russia, OAO “Gazprom”. Author of 5 books, about 100 articles, reports and training courses on information technology and software project management. He graduated from the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics of Moscow State University.