Prof. Andrey N. Terekhov

General Director of LANIT-TERCOM, Head of Software Engineering Char at St. Petersburg State University

Andrey A. Terekhov

Developer & Platform Evangelism Lead, Microsoft Ukraine


In this presentation we are going to suggest a direction for further development of software industry in Russia and Ukraine, based on our own experience. More than 10 years ago both speakers worked together in LANIT-TERCOM, which at the time was a purely outsourcing company.
In our opinion, that it was practically inevitable. At that time Russia programmers had neither experience of working with foreign customers, nor the elementary culture of project management, nor enough money to sell their own products in the US or Europe. As for domestic market, it was virtually non-existent.

Actually, even today LANIT-TERCOM earns a large chunk of its revenue by providing outsourcing services. However, we believe that the situation has changed and that outsourcing, which used to be the only sustainable way of building a company, starts to lead us in the wrong direction. Thus we should re-orient ourselves to the more innovative model, which is software product development.

In this talk we are going to look at the transition from outsourcing to products from two different angles - Russian company, which is led by Prof. Terekhov, and a multi-national vendor working on Ukrainian market, in which Terekhov-jr. is currently working. We will present examples of innovative products developed by LANIT-TERCOM and programs aimed at supporting innovations and start-ups, which are implemented by Microsoft Ukraine.

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Andrey N. Terekhov
1971 - graduated from the Mathematics and Mechanics Faculty of Leningrad State University. Received a diploma with honour in the field of Computer Science.
1978 - Ph.D. from Leningrad State University. Thesis: “Synthesis of efficient programs”.
1991 - Professorship, habilitation thesis: “Software technology for real-time embedded systems”. In the same year 1991 founded and became director of State Enterprise “Tercom”.
In year 1996 founded and headed Software Engineering Chair of St. Petersburg State University.
In year 1998 founded and became CEO of the “Lanit-Tercom Inc”.
In 2008 “Lanit-Tercom Inc” and Moscow software company “Artezio” merged into AT Software. Andrey N. Terekhov heads Board of Directors and supervises R&D department of the new company.
In 1999 Andrey N. Terekhov was one of founders of software developers association of St.-Petersburg – Fort-Ross. When in 2004 on the base of Fort-Ross the All-Russia association of software developers – RUSSOFT has been created, Andrey N. Terekhov has been selected as its first Chairman of board of directors.
Professor Andrey N. Terekhov has more than 70 scientific publications (including 4 books). He is a member of ACM and IEEE.

Andrey Terekhov jr. currently leads the Developer & Platform Evangelism department at Microsoft Ukraine. He is responsible for promotion of Microsoft platform among software developers, IT professionals, as well as lecturers and students of Ukrainian universities. Previously, he worked at Microsoft Central & Eastern European Headquarters and Microsoft Russia. Before joining Microsoft, Andrey worked in different roles (from programmer to Chief Operating Officer) at Russian software company LANIT-TERCOM.

Andrey Terekhov jr. holds a Ph.D. degree from St. Petersburg State University. His Ph.D. thesis was “Programming Languages Conversion in Software Reengineering”.