Vsevolod Leonov Vsevolod Leonov

Problems and directions of development in RAD tooling

Methods of visual programming or rapid application design provided a low entry level into realm of applied software engineering. The very simple methodology predefined the ergonomic perfectness for visual programming IDE, that defines strong demand for existing tools, but sets some limitation on the direction of growth.

Andrey Lubenets Andrey Lubenets

Contemporary SDKs As a Means for Integrating R&D-Intensive Technologies into Third-Party Applications

ABBYY’s flagship products include FineReader, an optical character recognition system, and Lingvo, a set of electronic dictionaries

Evgeny Smirnov Evgeny Smirnov

IBM helps to develop your business

In this talk authors will consider advantages for SW companies to use IBM technologies & products in development process

Steve Todd Steve Todd

Reverse Innovation via a Network of Global Intrapreneurs

Steve Todd’s software implementation of RAID technology was one of the first and most successful in the history of the information storage industry. The author is going to talk about changing the culture of global corporations such that innovation occurs more frequently outside of the US and targets local customers - and the resulting products can then be sold back into the United States as well as around the world.

Andrey Urazov Andrey Urazov

Quality-Oriented Programming

The talk is dedicated to constructing software development process in a way so as to ensure implementation of software products with minimum amount of defects and reducing the time required to release a product which is in contradiction with the common belief that increasing software quality implies delaying delivery dates

Rick Weaver Rick Weaver

Optimizing the Software Development Process: Best Practices, Tips, and Techniques that you can use today

In this keynote, we will share some of the lessons Rational has learned as we’ve optimized our software development teams. We will also look at how some of these best practices are shaping the architecture of Rational tools and our overall tool strategy.