Sergey Avdoshin Sergey Avdoshin

Software Engineering Body of Knowledge Trends

The paper presents trends influencing change of the software engineering education knowledge

Jay Douglass Jay Douglass

Measuring ROI for Process Improvement - Industry results

Years’ worth of data and results collected by the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) show that organizations should invest in process improvements. This talk summarizes the results and the methods used to achieve them. It also describes case studies of organizations realizing significant benefits from their investments in SEI process improvement methods.

Leonid Felikson Leonid Felikson

The SOA Manifesto: Establishing a Common Understanding About SOA and Service-Orientation

Leonid Felikson will step through the value statements and guiding principles of the SOA Manifesto and will further help clarify the explicit distinction it makes between service orientation, as a design paradigm, and service-oriented architecture, as a style of architecture achieved via the application of service orientation.

Alexander Kondakov Alexander Kondakov

Process engineers: all the species diversity

This paper contains attempt to define of the role of process engineer in development company, as well as a version of the classification for such specialists based on their skills and knowledge. This classification can be used for the selection of specialists, in accordance with the needs of organization and using methodologies and standards

George Sharkov George Sharkov

Bridging R&D to Software Business

Although structural transformation to ‘knowledge-based economy’ was underway prior the global economic crisis burst, the urge to IT-enabled economy as a ‘cure’ exposed again the commonly accepted as ‘natural’ gap between the research and business. The presentation will outline the roots of this gap (or ocean) and the ways to transform the R&D activities from a ‘money pit’ to profitable and sustainable business.

Andrew Sviridenko Andrew Sviridenko

Real-time communications software engineering, 5 years of SPIRIT cooperation experience with Apple, Skype, Microsoft, Oracle, Adobe, Blizzard