Sergey Arkhipenkov Sergey Arkhipenkov

Are There Problems in a Software Development or in Project Management?

Sergey Arkhipenkov. The expert in software project management, PMP® PMI. He will talk about Problems in a Software Development and in Project Management

Stas Fomin Stas Fomin

Agile Learning

Stas Fomin is Information Technology Deputy Director in Customized InformSystems company. He will talk about corporate IT learning, when it’s required to transfer nontrivial and changeable knowledge among colleagues.

Alexander Orlov Alexander Orlov

Transition to manager in different IT companies

Alexander Orlov. The consultant and founder of He will talk about transition to manager in different IT companies

Andrey Terekhov Andrey Terekhov

From Outsourcing to Products

In this presentation we are going to suggest a direction for further development of software industry in Russia and Ukraine, based on our own experience. In this talk we are going to look at the transition from outsourcing to products from two different angles - Russian company, and a multi-national vendor working on Ukrainian market