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IMPORTANT: Bjarne Stroustrup’s workshop on October 13 has changed the location

Bjarne Stroustrup’s workshop “Advanced Programming Techniques” (October 13) has changed the location to the Big Hall of the House of Culture MGTU n/a N.E. Bauman. All the other events of the Conference will be held at The Cultural Centre of HSE. Moscow, Vorontsovo Pole, 5A . Visit to learn more about the venue

The program of the conference “CEE-SECR 2010 Business” was published

The program of the conference “CEE-SECR 2010 Business”, which will be held October 11, 2010 in Moscow, collocated within the Sixth Eastern-European Software Engineering Conference CEE-SECR 2010, was published.

Cooperation of business structures and high technologies - that is how the motto of the conference “CEE-SECR 2010: Business” sounds. And that is why CEO-s and managers of many big and small companies, employees, who are responsible for the business development, sales, marketing and product-management of the software companies, entrepreuners and investors in the specialization of software development, will be able to meet each other in the network of the conference to all new products in the software development, to share their experience or even to see the launch of the new products by 3-5 software companies. And they won’t forget to establish new business connections with the technological elite of the leading enterpreuners in Russia.

Among the key reports in the Banks conference, the most remarkable are:

1. Round Table: “Software Business in Mobile Space”, Pavel Roytberg, МТS;

2. Round Table: “SaaS and cloud computing business models”, Vladimir Pavlov, rollApp;

3. Round Table: “Skolkovo for software companies”, Alexand Galitsy, Skolkovo;

4. Keynote talk: “Lessons from the Real Cloud Computing Leaders - the World’s Top SMB Hosters”, Birger Steen, Parallels;

5. Round Table: “Sales and Marketing in Software”, Arseny Tarasov, Siemens Enterprise Communication;

6. Round Table: “Copycat vs. Disruptive Business Models”, Eduard Shenderovich, Kite Ventures;

7. Round Table: “Open Incubation - pros and cons of different models, cases”, Denis Dovgopol, GrowthUP;

8. Round Table: “Startup 2.0 - new software business by seasoned and successful software executives”, Nikolay Puntikov, Russoft.

Conference’s program committee consists of Russia’s leading software entrepreneurs and executives and includes: Dmitry Dakhnovsky, TEKAMA - co-chair; Alexander “Sasha” Galitsky, Almaz Capital - co-chair; Pavel Cherkashin, Head of B2C, Microsoft Russia; Nick Puntikov, Head of Exigen Services Russia; Anatoly Gaverdovsky, Yam! Labs, ex-CEO EPAm Russia; Vladimir Pavlov,  INTSPEI; Edward Shenderovich,  Kite Ventures; Evgeni Savin, UNOVA.

The conference will also host finals of the Russian National BIT 2010 business plan competition.

To get more information about events on the conference and to find the most important for you, visit or call +7(495)999-61-06.

The conference is held by the companies TEKAMA, INTSPEI, UNOVA Media and State

University - Higher School of Economics.

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The program of the conference “CEE-SECR 2010″ was published. It includes about 100 events (88 presentations, 4 round tables, 7 workshops)

The program of the Sixth Eastern-European Software Engineering Conference CEE-SECR 2010, which will be held October 13-15, 2010 in Moscow, was published. Besides already familiar to the participants Keynote talks, Invited talks and Regular talks, this year’s program includes new Special talks by the partners of the conference, including CMU Software Engineering Institute, European Software Institute, etc. The conferemce includes about 100 events: 88 presentations, 4 round tables, 7 workshops.

There will be workshops as "Masterly Programming" by the legendary creator of C++ language Bjarne Stroustrup and "SOA Of The New Generation" by Thomas Erl, one of the well-known international experts in SOA. The participiants be highly interested in such events as the official training on CMMI and SOA, a workshop on the organization of the software sales process, a workshop on the maintenance of Web 2.0 software quailty and a workshop on the tools of software development by IBM.

Among the key reports, besides the presentations by Bjarne Stroustrup and Thomas Erl, the most remarkable are "The Development Experience In Yandex: Features Of The Process And Key Technologies" - Ilya Segalovich, CTO and co-founder of Yandex will be a speaker. Richard Soley of the world’s largest industrial consortiums Object Management Group (OMG) and the SOA Consortium, will make a report "CISQ: quality of the software management becomes cheaper". Traditionally, several key reports will be made by the leading experts of some large multinational companies. Ben Lifshitts, Microsoft, will talk about the problems of the performance and security of Web applications; Steve Todd, EMC, will speak about the modern trends in hi-tech innovations, and Rick Weaver, IBM, will tell participiants about the best experiences of the software production.

Among the invited reports there are "The Problems Of Software Development Or The Problems Of The Management?" The speaker is Sergey Arkhipenkov, an expert in the software development management, PMP ® PMI. What "Difficulties Of Becoming The Manager In Different Types Of The IT Companies" one can encounter, an independent consultant, business-couch, founder of the "Club of Successful Managers-Programers" ( Alexander Orlov will tell. Professor Andrew H. Terekhov, CEO of LANIT-Tercom, and Andrei Terekhov, Head of Strategic Technologies Department of Microsoft Ukraine, will make a report called called "From outsourcing to the products". Stas Fomin, who is a deputy manager of information technology in the company "Custom Informsystema", teaches at the MIPT and ISPRAS going to make a presentation "Agile Learning: Effective tools".

The conference will include several round tables: "Cloud Computing", moderated by Mr. Jennifer Trelewicz, Deputy Technical Director of Social Product in the Internet holding Mail.Ru in Moscow, "Software Development Centers Of Multinational Companies In Russia: Achievements and Problems", led by Vyacheslav Nesterov, CEO of the Center for Development of EMC in St. Petersburg, "Crowdsourcing: Is This Model Appliable For Industrial Software Development?" by Nicholas Puntikov, chairman of the RusSoft association.

The conference will include many leading companies, including IBM, Microsoft, Cisco, Softline,, SOA Systems, SOFTEAM, Inspirex Consulting, Sony Ericsson, Luxoft, Motorola, Infostroy, EPAM, Auriga, Yandex, EMC2, OMG.

And this is just a small part of the program. To deal with so many events and choose the most interesting for yourself, please visit the conference
Registration for the conference and additional information are available on the website or by phone 7 (495) 999-61-06. You should hurry to register before the end of September in order to receive a discount. The organizers reserve the right to make changes to the program: to change the time for statements or to add new events.

The conference is held by companies TEKAMA, INTSPEI, UNOVA Media and State University — Higher School of Economics.

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The Program Committee Has Accepted Firsts Regular Reports for CEE SECR 2010

The firsts Regular reports for CEE SECR 2010 were accepted for inclusion into the conference program:

  • Andrei Krekhov, Fujitsu Technology Solution, “Concept mining for programming automation”
  • Sergey Zykov, State University - Higher Scho, “The integrated methodology of pattern-based enterprise application development and maintenance”
  • Radovan Brecka, DandiWay s.r.o., “Confinguration-Oriented programming”
  • Andrey Ponomarenko, Vladimir Rubanov, Header-Driven Generation of Sanity API Tests for Shared Libraries
  • Roman Grebinnyk, Alexander Lipanov, ISPRAS, “Interactive 3D scene modeling and visualization system”
  • Sergey Zykov, Oleg Garipov, SU-HSE, “Conceptual models of heterogeneous data representation”
  • Anton Kudinov, Nikolay Markov, Vadim Veyber, Tomsk Polytechnic University, “Model driven approach for Oil & Gas information systems and applications integration”
  • Ekaterina Stepalina, The Higher School of Economics, “SaaS Support in Software Documentation Systems”
  • Grigory Gusev, Luxoft, “Practical Review of Software Requirements”
  • Mikhail Belov, The Higher School of Economics, “Optimizing the Process of Implementing a New Corporative System to the End User”
  • Marat Akhin, Vladimir Itsykson, Clone Detection, SPbSPU, “Why, What and How?&quot
  • Mikhail Moiseev, SPbSPU, “Defect detection for multithreaded programs with semaphore-based synchronization”
  • Li Zhang, Philip Lew, Luis Olsina, CS & Engineering School, Beihang University, GIDIS_Web, Engineering School Universidad Nacional de La Pampa, “Integrating Quality”, “Quality in Use”, “Actual Usability and User Experience”
  • Mikhail Kumskov, Luxoft, “Processes and people”
  • Jernej Novak, Andrej Krajnc, Marjan Heričko, Rok Žontar, Internationalization aspects in developing web applications for Central and East Europe
  • Denis Dovzhenko, Alexander Anisimov, Dmitry Vavilov, Motorola SPb, “Perspectives of Stereo 3D TV Applications Development”
  • Senthil Kumar Chandran, Sasikumar Punnekkat, Adnan Nasir, Nabeel Azam, Aleksandar Dimov, Sofia University, “Mutation testing framework for software reliability model analysis and reliability estimation”
  • Dmitry Pavlov, Julia Kryuchkova, Exigen Services, “Implementing usability methods into CMMI-compliant software development process”
  • Yacob Gradén, Ståhl, Andreas Göransson, Lars Bendix, Issues and Challenges with Industrial-Strength Product Composition
  • Nelis Boucke, Yolande Berbers, Naeem Muhammad, KULeuven, “A Parallelism Viewpoint to Analyze Performance Bottlenecks of Parallelism-Intensive Software Systems”
  • Piotr Kubisz, Bogumila Hnatkowska; Wroclaw University of Technolo, “Logical Data Model Transformations Driven by Non-functional Requirements”
  • Denis Timofeev, Vladimir Itsykson, SPbSPU, “Source code modification technology based on parameterized code patterns”
  • Oleg Ridchenko, Intetics Co, “Mind the Gap”
  • Raed Shatnawi, Ahmad Alzoubi, JUST, “An Empirical Verification of Software Artifacts Using Software Metrics”
  • Brian Elvesæter, Einar Landre, Philippe Desfray, Arne-Jørgen Berre, Andrey Sadovykh, SOFTEAM, SINTEF ICT, Statoil, “Enterprise Architecture Modeling with SoaML using BMM and BPMN – MDA Approach in Practice”
  • Ivan Padabed, EPAM Systems, “Architecture lifecycle management in the SharePoint world”
  • Uolevi Nikula, Kari Smolander, Andrey Maglyas, Lappeenranta University of Technology, “Comparison of Two Models of Success Prediction in Software Development Projects”
  • Serge Zhukov, Auriga Inc, “A Language-based Approach to Implementing Multi-Vendor Support in an AdvancedTCA Shelf Manager”
  • Eugene Zueff, Semantic APIs for Programming Languages
  • Aleksandar Orlic, Craftware Ltda, “Implementation by Capture with Executable UML”
  • Victor Starodub, XSL Template-Based Content Management System
  • Alekseev Aleksei Albertovich, CustIS, “Reduction of human factor in Enterprise Software Development”
  • Syed Nadeem Ahsan, IST, “Software Bug Prediction Using Program Files Logical-Coupling Metrics”
  • Dmitry Ovechkin, Grid Dynamcics, “Three-Level Planning in Agile, Tracking and Reaction”

These reports delivered at CEE-SECR conference are regular talks. They are selected by the international Program Committee using double-blind peer review process: submitting authors are not informed of who reviews their papers, and the identity of the authors is concealed from the reviewers, lest the knowledge of authorship bias their review. The final list of all accepted regular talks will be approved by Program Committee soon. The Regular reports for CEE SECR 2010 were accepted and full program list will be published soon. Program Committee announced that submission deadline for conference CEE SECR 2009: Banks was extended to September 15, 2010.

All reports are divided into Keynote, Invited, Regular (oral), and the novelty of this year Special reports. Program Committee invited software experts from companies’ and organizations’ partners of the conference to deliver Special reports. Posters papers were excluded this year. Also, the time allotted to the report has increased from 30 to 40 minutes. And now the program of the event takes two and a half days. Traditionally, there will be Round Tables and Workshops during the conference CEE SECR 2009.
Our news:

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Paper Submission Deadline is Extended to August 9

    Previous submission deadline was set on June 28. So far we received 48 submissions from 12 countries:

  • Argentina
  • Armenia
  • Belgium
  • Italy
  • China
  • Poland
  • Russia
  • Slovakia
  • Slovenia
  • USA
  • Ukraine
  • Sweden

The absolute leader here is Russia: Russian authors have sent 69% of all submissions. Other countries have contributed 1-2 papers from each country.

At this point the most popular conference track is "Software Process": 33% of all papers were submitted to this track. The second runner-up is "Platforms and Technology " (23% of all submissions), the third place belongs to "Software Project Management" (12%).

Program Committee has decided to extend the submission deadline once again - to August 9. This is the final date; there will be no more extensions. Then between August 10 and August 30 we will decide which papers to accept, and the conference program will be published in the first week of September.

We encourage practitioners and researchers from CEE countries to submit their experience reports and research papers. To read about submission rules, visit . Click here to download the official Call for Papers.

Speakers (presenting authors of the accepted papers) get free passes to the event.

Last year our acceptance rate was 35%. This year Program Committee expects to have about the same acceptance rate. However, the overall number of presentations in the conference program will increase, because this year the conference will last two and a half days, while in 2009 it was two days.

Please, tell your friends and colleagues about the submission deadline extension. We are looking forward to see you this October in Moscow at the CEE-SECR 2010.