Birger Steen

Birger Steen is President at Parallels - a global leader in Cloud services automation and virtualization software. In his keynote Mr. Steen will talk about successful players delivering cloud IT services to small and mid-sized businesses across the world.
Cloud computing is the hottest term on the IT world’s hype list in 2010. While definitions of what truly constitutes “cloud” vary, and while enterprise IT vendors are overbidding each other in attempting to win the cloud marketecture wars, a much-neglected set of smaller, more agile and more profitable set of players have already been delivering cloud IT for a decade: Hosters like GoDaddy and 1&1, but also thousands of smaller service providers across the world are serving the world’s 150 million small and mid-sized businesses with web presence, virtual private servers and increasingly 3rd party SaaS applications. Their customers aren’t held back by questions of data location or portability, architecture or five nines – they simply ask for IT services that work. And they do.


Birger Steen, President of Parallels, is an exceptional leader and executive. Mr. Steen comes to Parallels from Microsoft, where he was the Vice President of Small and Medium Business and Distribution and will join the company in September 2010. Prior to his current role at Microsoft, Mr. Steen held several senior positions at the company since joining in 2002. He started his Microsoft career at as General Manager in Norway and then moved on to serve as General Manager and Vice President of Microsoft Russia. During his tenure there, Microsoft’s revenues from Russia grew tenfold. Before Microsoft Mr. Steen was CEO of Scandinavia Online AB which was listed on the Stockholm and Oslo Stock Exchanges in 2000 under his leadership.
Birger holds a Master of Science in Computer Science and Industrial Engineering from the Norwegian Institute of Technology in Trondheim and earned his MBA from INSEAD in France.