Sergey Chernev Sergey Chernev

Software solutions for providing financial services for unbanked

Coverage of the population of Russia, as well as many developing countries, by modern financial services is extremely low. The scale of use of internet and mobile banking services is strongly limited by the human factor - the considerable part of the population is not ready to use such services, finding them very difficult.

Anton Ignatov Anton Ignatov

IBM Solutions for Financial Services Sector - real assets overview for the developers. IBM Banking Framewok tools.

IBM offers banks a set of the solutions enabling effective implementation and use of the software products for acquiring important business and IT advantages. IBM practice shows that there are no out-of- box solutions, however there are practices, methods (assets) that allow successful attainment of goals to each project participant.

Vadim Ipatov Vadim Ipatov

Problems and solutions related to the electronic document circulation systems

Among the most common business tasks within the finance and banking sector are the attraction and retention of clients, improving the quality of service, information protection and complying with multiple normative requirements, both internal and external. There surely is a burden of problems connected with exponential growth of responsible documents quantity, increasing risks of document losses, repeated document creation and duplication, dormancy of operations, omission of important steps within significant processes like crediting and, finally, the difficulty of finding and extracting the requested document.

Vladimir Kuvshinov Vladimir Kuvshinov

Performance requirements management during implementation of a new information system

The need for quick implementation and adoption of new software products is constantly growing, following the active business growth. Building of the company’s IT infrastructure is often performed in a hurry, equipment being purchased with an overheador, vice versa, turning out to be insufficient at the end of the development cycle.

Ilya Pozdnyakov Ilya Pozdnyakov

Building Data Warehouse in Investment Banking business

Every big company at some moment sets the goal to combine data from different IT systems in one single place. This might be necessary to build different cross-platform reports, providing analytical support for company businesses, unifying data management methods and bringing data quality to the new level.

Oleg Pustoshilo Oleg Pustoshilo

E-Workflow in commercial bank

The total average time that employees spend on an average office routine processing of documents is about 60% of the working day. As is known, office automation helps to reduce the time required and increase the efficiency of office workflow.

Sergey Shelyagin Sergey Shelyagin

Technology – the major factor of derivatives market growth

This presentation will cover key challenges to engineer, working with financial derivatives. The author will present major specific technological tendencies for this IT domain

Andrew Sovtsov Andrew Sovtsov

Increasing of Data Base Quality

The speaker will focus on the questions related to high quality and reliability of data bases as well as on productivity of those professionals involved into data base design, administration and database-centric applications development process.

Alexey Sprizhitsky Alexey Sprizhitsky

Global Algorithmic Trading Platform: Architecture and Technology

Algorithmic trading is the use of computer programmes for entering trading orders with the computer algorithm deciding on aspects of the order such as the timing, price, or quantity of the order, or initiating the order without human intervention.

Natalia Sviridova Natalia Sviridova

A way from client-server to SOA. Banking System evolution

For the last years the Diasoft was possible to pass a way from classical client-server bank system to the modern decision constructed according to principles service-oriented architecture (SOA)

Andrey Urazov Andrey Urazov

Banking Software without Bugs and Vulnerabilities

In this article we consider quality-oriented software development methodology which allows to build application development lifecycle around use of bleeding edge automated quality assurance techniques and address the specified challenges.

Nikolay Valaev Nikolay Valaev

Freedom of movement, or “my bank in my pocket”

Financial institutions increasingly are turning to the people. The banks and other financial institutions invest in services that enable customers to have unlimited access to their assets. Exceptional to this is phenomenon of our time - the mobile phone, turned the unusually short period of time from the exotic to the indispensable companion of every person.