Sergey Shelyagin

This presentation will cover key challenges to engineer, working with financial derivatives. The author will present major specific technological tendencies for this IT domain:

  • Modern derivatives regulation was setup few years ago, though globally this market has very rich history. This fact defines current technologies maturity. New business demands new functional abilities for investors.
  • Technological growing-points will be DMA connections to exchanges, algo-trading, smart ordering, market data quality, software collocation with trading systems.
  • Another important success factor is IT standards and industry knowhows utilization.


Sergey Shelyagin, Business Development Director in CQG. CQG leads the industry in providing reliable financial data, superior decision making, and execution software with customer support. Sergey has 15 years experience in financial domain and participated the development of electronic trading and CRM systems. He is actively promote FIX protocol in Russia and he is the known expert of IT project management practices.