Vladimir Kuvshinov (HP), Taisiya Sigbatulina (Raiffeisenbank)

The need for quick implementation and adoption of new software products is constantly growing, following the active business growth. Building of the company’s IT infrastructure is often performed in a hurry, equipment being purchased with an overheador, vice versa, turning out to be insufficient at the end of the development cycle.

In project documentation, the formalization of performance requirements is extremely rare: usually these requirements are mentioned like “not worse than it was before”, or, the total quantity of simultaneously working users is specified. This is inadequate for the process.

Within this paper, the following questions are going to be examined:
- Preparation phase for a performance test;
- What is a performance test;
- What kind of problems this kind of test allows to solve;
- How to organize a load test preparation phase, assemble a team and prepare a test lab;
- How to involve the end users in the performance testing process;
- Picking a suitable testing instrument and results’ analysis method for each case, .

During the presentation, we’ll discuss some common approaches of collecting performance requirements while implementing a new IT system. Additionally, a basic table will be provided for interviewing end users and other responsible personel concerning performance requirements.
Phase-splitting method will be produced, which would help to choose an appropriate testing policy, form a team and to prepare a test lab.

Recommendations provided, allow quick and effective requirements collection and lowest-cost performance testing:
- Decrease faulty requirements analysis by 2.8 times;
- Avoid costs spent on late defect remediation, and shortening the development/implemenation time;
- Early identification and minimization of risks related to requirements feasibility;
- Improve quality of management and decision taking information;
- Formalize interaction procedures with analysts and measure their perfrormance and efficiency.
Following processes presentation we’ll describe the respective audience two HP products for load testing and monitoring ( HP Performance Center and HP Business Availability Center ) and a partners’ solution for Capacity Management – Hyperformix which allow to execute all requested tasks and procedures.


Vladimir Kuvshinov
Graduated from Russian State University for the Humanities, Faculty of Informatics.
In 2002, got a job at “Lanit” as a specialist in Quality Assurance, also specialized in products of Mercury Interactive company.
Works in HP since 2008. Responsible for business development for Quality, Perfromance and Security products in the Central and Eastern Europe.

Taisiya Sigbatulina
In 2005, graduated with honours from Russian State University for the Humanities, Faculty of Informatics.
Worked in CBOSS from 2003 to 2007 as a testing automatization group specialist.
From 2007 to 2010 – Raiffeisenbank, Leading Analyst of Testing Department.
Coordinates the testing of a new version of banking system kernel, coordinator of Data Warehouse testing.