Andrew Sovtsov

The speaker will focus on the questions related to high quality and reliability of data bases as well as on productivity of those professionals involved into data base design, administration and database-centric applications development process. As concluded from practical experience banking information systems rarely stay on a single DBMS platform during their lifecycle. Embarcadero Technologies is well known as a provider of awarded tools for working with databases throughout their lifecycle. Using these tools, many companies around the world have successfully solved the problem of managing corporate database architecture, implemented on different platforms. A universal approach to administering and supporting databases not only enables developers and administrators to ensure maximum availability, performance and security for their databases, to solve the problem of planning performance, disk space and Database capacity, privacy and granting data access, but also rapidly create high-performance SQL- code, supporting mode of team work, providing debugging and code analysis, transforming language constructions on fly between different DB platforms. Combination of several Embarcadero tools provides flexible, reliable and effective tool set for development, management, administration, automated database change management, monitoring, reporting, comparing and synchronizing of data changes, and scheme and configuration database changes auditing throug different DBMS platforms. This solution enables to ensure maximum reliability, performance and security of databases and applications due to the rapid detecting, diagnosis, troubleshooting and daily monitoring of the database for both unified and heterogeneous environments.


A practical developer, who has over 25-year experience on database arena, actually in different fields such as a database development, architecture and modeling, professional management, support and DBA. He is experienced in work with the most of major relational databases, lot of desktop and embedded DB on various platforms. For the last several years, he worked for Video International, a leading Russian company in advertising, where he was responsible for developing and maintaining large database projects on collecting, processing and analyzing survey and media measuring results.