Anton Ignatov


IBM offers banks a set of the solutions enabling effective implementation and use of the software products for acquiring important business and IT advantages. IBM practice shows that there are no out-of- box solutions, however there are practices, methods (assets) that allow successful attainment of goals to each project participant. These materials are intended for developers, project managers and architects who can take advantage of the assets offered by IBM to the banks. The assets are collected in the so-called IBM Banking Framework – a set of the best business practices and recommendations on how to solve in the best way this or that task of the banking business. They have been tentatively divided into 4 domains; the examples showing the concept and advantages of its use by developers will be presented on each domain:

  • Customer Care and Insight

A line in IBM solutions focused on solving of front-office tasks, customer orientation through implementation of marketing, sales, services and compliance with regulators’ requirements. IBM accelerators for banking process developers and high transaction multichannel access systems are cited as examples.

  • Payments and Securities

A line in IBM solutions that, firstly, focused on solving the tasks of payment functions maintenance, secondly, automation of work with financial markets, for example, stock exchanges. As the first example IBM Enterprise Payment Platform is considered. It is the automated payment hub in terms of advantages to architects – e.g. a ready data model, and as far as the developers are concerned – e.g. the methodology of expanding the processes, programming of the machine conditions, SWIFT gateways and so forth. The second example - demonstration - for automated trading it is based on software and hardware platforms for non-structured information analysis IBM InfoSphere Streams.

  • Integrated Risk Management

A line in IBM solutions focused on comprehensive management of 4 risk types: financial, operational and IT, compliance with requirements of regulators, financial crimes. Rational Data Architect is considered as an example of effective tool for work with bank data warehouse model and analysis of non-documented data structures in the sources.

  • Core Banking Transformation

A line in IBM solutions focused on the use of best business and technological practices for key banking applications transformation. A full cycle necessary for upgrading (or new implementation) core-banking system by means of IBM solutions is given as an example.


Ignatov Anton Aleksandrovich , a leading сonsultant on IBM software solutions for the financial sector.
Professionally deals with information technology for more than 12 years. Has devoted 8 years to the projects in financial institutions.
Has graduated with distinction from the Moscow State Academy of Engineering and Computer Science majoring in the «Information systems in economics». Winner of the award of the President of Russia. Was engaged in teaching activity on the «Software standards and engineering methods».
For more than 5 years has been engaged in development and promotion of IBM software products and solutions for the financial industries in Russia and the CIS countries.
Has successful experience in organizing and implementing consulting projects on estimation of software business architecture alignment, financial analysis, and processes optimization in the insurance and banking industries.
According to IBM strategy in the field of corporate solutions is actively participating in development of IBM Banking Framework, IBM Insurance Framework, IBM Financial Markets Framework in Russia and the CIS countries.