Welcome to the 6th Central and Eastern European Software Engineering Conference

Welcome to the 6th Central and Eastern European Software Engineering Conference in Russia (CEE-SECR 2010) – the key software event in CEE countries.

We invite analysts, designers, architects, programmers, testers, process and project managers, researchers, educators, executive officers – everyone who works in software industry.

Seminar of Bjarne Stroustrup «Advanced Programming Techniques» changed the location to the Big Hall of the House of Culture MGTU n/a N.E. Bauman.

CEE-SECR 2010 papers are now available: Download PDF (25 Mb)


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Keynote Presentations

Thomas ErlThomas ErlSOA system

The Service, The Cloud & The Method

Thomas Erl is the world’s top-selling SOA author, Series Editor of the Prentice Hall Service-Oriented Computing Series, and founder of the SOASchool.com SOA Certified Professional program. As an author of seven books, Thomas will dedicate this keynote to covering the most important strategic considerations pertaining to Service Orientation and Cloud Computing.
Richard Mark SoleyRichard Mark SoleyObject Management Group

CISQ: Software Quality Metrics Lower Costs

Dr. Richard Mark Soley is Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Object Management Group, (OMG) and Executive Director of the SOA Consortium. In his keynote Dr. Soley will talk about new CISQ standards which will allow software engineering teams to lower cost of software quality management
Bjarne StroustrupBjarne StroustrupTexas A&M University

Introducing C++0x

Bjarne Stroustrup - the creator of C++ and the author of several books (incl. “Programming — Principles and Practice using C++” and “The C++ Programming Language”) and many popular and academic publications is going to talk about draft for a revised ISO C++ standard, C++0x.
Steve ToddSteve ToddEMC

Reverse Innovation via a Network of Global Intrapreneurs

Todd’s software implementation of RAID technology was one of the first and most successful in the history of the information storage industry. The author is going to talk about changing the culture of global corporations such that innovation occurs more frequently outside of the US and targets local customers - and the resulting products can then be sold back into the United States as well as around the world.

SOA Certified Professional Self-Study Kit Giveaways

SOASchool.com will be giving away official certification self-study kits (valued at $400 USD each) during three separate conference events:
1. The SOA Architect Pre-Conference Workshop with Leonid Felikson (October 11-13, 2010)
2. The 4 Hour Workshop with Keynote Thomas Erl(October 14, 2010 - 13:30-17:30)
3. A Special Giveaway Contest at the SOA School Exhibition Booth (October 14, 2010 - 17:45)