Andrey Urazov

The talk is dedicated to constructing software development process in a way so as to ensure implementation of software products with minimum amount of defects and reducing the time required to release a product which is in contradiction with the common belief that increasing software quality implies delaying delivery dates. The following software quality assurance practices are considered:

  • static analysis,
  • dynamic analysis,
  • unit & functional testing,
  • code reviews.

The talk focuses on establishing a software development process implementing all of the above techniques in an automated way which makes it possible for developers to concentrate on solving real problems requiring creative thinking while all the routine tasks required for quality assurance are performed in an automated fashion.

The talk will be interesting to computer programmers willing to enhance their development process with application of automated software quality assurance tools as well as to software project managers and CIOs willing to reduce the costs of software development within their organizations and improve the quality of developed products.


Andrey holds MS in applied mathematics and computer science. He has participated in the creation of complex software systems for more than 10 years and the last 5 years spent leading software teams working on complex projects. Now he is the project manager for Parasoft’s BugDetective project which is a module for performing data flow analysis of computer programs in order to uncover complex defects with dynamic nature (like use of uninitialized data, dereferencing null pointers, memory leaks) without actually executing the checked application. He is a passionate advocate of continuous quality on software projects. He implements this concept - which is presented in the current talk - in all of his projects.