Anton Salov

Statistics on use of services in Russia: demand, supply market of SaaS, the client requests services on the areas of IT (on its own research project Softcloud, company Softline)

  • The outlook for SaaS market services in Russia
  • Motivation to use a SaaS company
  • Examples of Use

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In 2002 Anton Salov graduated from the Faculty of Economics and Management at the Moscow Aviation Institute (MAI) in “Management”. In 2003 he graduated from the Faculty of System Management, Informatics and Electricity and was qualified as an engineer with a degree in Informatics and control in engineering systems. From 1996 he worked in the tourism business. In 2005, joined the company Softline as Head of Internet projects. In 2007, Softline acquired the status of Google Enterprise Partner and became the sole supplier of the Google corporate solutions in Russia. In 2008, Anton Salov received the status of Google Enterprise Professional. Since September 2008, directs the department of corporate Internet solutions. With the assistance of Anton in 2009, Softline company acquired the status of Google Apps Authorized Reseller and start selling Google Apps and Google Message Security, from September 2009, Softline was a reseller of Google Site Search. Since June 2009, under the leadership of Anton has developed and launched the project www.с - the first Russian SaaS-portal. At the moment Softcloud - Russian market leader in SaaS, has a unique expertise to build a public “clouds”, provides more than 60 services and is actively developing an affiliate network.