Irina Kuzmina

Progress in the field of information technology and radio engineering along with customer requirements lead to development of more and more complex multicompanent radio-systems. Our research lab is specialized in creation of heterogeneous hardware-software systems which are made up of components based on various (including embedded) operating systems. Error-free operation of such systems depends on a lot of factors one of which is the software quality.
The main conclusion to be drawn from previous experience of hardware-software systems production was to make changes in software development process. In particular, integration practice was set up as independent process with special build-engineer to maintain it.
During the stage-by-stage evolution of integration process a number of key factors have been revealed: cross-platform development, component interdependency, lack of human and time resources. To meet all requirements several integration schemes have been proposed and put into operation. On the basis of previous projects in-depth analysis the decision on introducing into practice continuous integration and automated build processes was made.
The set of measures intended to integration process development which was presented in this paper allows us to reduce time cost on software releases from several days to several hours. Furthermore, suggested scheme of integration process is considered to be universal and, therefore, could be applied in any project regardless of operating systems which are used in development process. At the same time it should be noted that for the purpose of most successful implantation of continuous integration it is essential that all process stages should be well documented and understood by all developers before project starts.

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Graduated from department of Physics of Nizhny Novgorod State University in 2001. After graduation worked as an engineer in research lab for Mathematical Simulation of Physical Systems of Physico-Technical Research Institute. Since 2006 Irina Kuzmina has been working on implantation of custom continuous integration and automated builds processes. Author of publications in the area of quality management of complex hardware-software systems.