Luis Olsina

GIDIS_Web, Engineering School, Universidad Nacional de La Pampa

Philip Lew

CS & Engineering School, Beihang University

Li Zhang

CS & Engineering School, Beihang University

Selecting and using a quality model is usually a first step in evaluating software quality. In this work we propose employing previous work incorporating two new characteristics into recently issued the ISO 25010 standard combined with concepts of actual usability and user experience in a flexible framework. The resulting models and framework can be instantiated to evaluate software and Web applications. Finally, a strategy and process for non-intrusively evaluating and improving quality in use based on real usage data is outlined. The application of this strategy is our current endeavor.


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Luis Olsina is a Full Professor in the Engineering School at the National University of La Pampa, Argentina, and heads the Software and Web Engineering R&D group (GIDIS_Web). His research interests include Web engineering, particularly, Web quality assurance strategies, quantitative evaluation methods, Web metrics and indicators, organizational memories, and ontologies. He earned a PhD in the area of software engineering and a MSE from National University of La Plata, Argentina.

In the last 14 years, he has published over 80 refereed papers, and participated in numerous regional and international events both as program committee chair and member. Particularly, he co-chaired the Web Engineering Workshop held in USA in the framework of ICSE 2002 (Int’l Conference on Software Engineering); the ICWE 2002 congress (held in Argentina) and ICWE 2003 (held in Spain); in addition to LA-Web 2005 and 2008 editions and the WE track at WWW’06 (held in Edinburgh, UK). He has been an invited speaker at several conferences and professional meetings, and presented tutorials, for instance, at ICWE’05 (Int’l Conference on Web Engineering held in Australia), ICWE’09 (held in Spain), and graduate courses in different countries. Recently, Luis and his colleagues have co-edited the book titled Web Engineering: Modelling and Implementing Web Applications published by Springer, HCIS Series, 2008.