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Implementation by Capture with Executable UML

Aleksandar Orlic

Despite all the progress and raise of abstraction involved in the software development, the main building block of each software system is still the traditional, mostly manually written, “line of code”. This paper is about the solution to low-level model behavior “coding”, applied by my team in the context of development of the executable UML tool “Enterprise Analyst”.
Writing computer programs requires knowledge and skill. Programmers must learn and memorize a large knowledge base of rules and must be able to “foresee” the execution of code, while writing it. In addition, manual codification is highly error prone process. Any improvement in the realization of this essential software activity will naturally bring improvement in resulting software system as a whole.
We have designed and implemented a variation of the technique known as “programming by example”, with the basic idea in “teaching” the machine how to perform sequence of tasks instead of “programming” it.


Aleksandar Orlic is Project Manager in Digitote GmbH, software development company based in Berlin, Germany. He is also founder and Chief Consultant in Craftware Ltd, consultancy firm from Santiago, Chile.
Aleksandar has more than 15 years of experience in software development. Initially he was system programmer, but very soon, attracted by higher abstraction, he extended his attention to analysis, design and architecture related tasks.
During his carrier Aleksandar has dealt with variety of application domains and architecture styles, and had opportunity to work across several countries and cultures, from his native Serbia, through South America back to Europe. Last 8 years he is permanently sharing his experience and pragmatic approach to system development through training courses and consultancies, mostly in software analysis, UML and MDA.
Aleksandar is currently focused on his own MDA based method and accompanying executable UML tool called “Enterprise Analyst”.
He holds a master’s degree in Computer Science from the School of Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade.
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