Mina Bostrom Nakicenovic

This case-study describes how to introduce a pragmatic Model Driven Development (MDD) approach in a large, world-wide financial services software company with a conservative culture and high time-to-market constraints. By the application of agile principles a pragmatic simplified approach was produced by using only a single modeling level and using XML as modeling language. Although simplified, this approach could still significantly improve the application architecture of financial message structure definitions by reducing duplication and automating development tasks.

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Mina Bostrom Nakicenovic is a certified IT architect with more than ten years of experience of software development in different domains including CRM, e-Business and financial services, using .Net, Java and C++. The latest years she has been working on high-performance financial market systems at Sungard Front Arena, Stockholm. During her career she was involved in different MDA projects. She has seen several grand MDA approaches fail and has come to the conlusion that less is more, although not always technically better, the simple solution more often results in a successful implementation within budget.