Alexander Lipanov

Roman Grebinnyk

In this scientific report the visual system for 3D scene creation for the purpose of design and visualization of various objects’ behavior scenarios on the stage, their interaction with each other and also with the participation of user is described. The following system can be used at the development of virtual simulator systems and at visual modeling of different situations to demonstrate the interaction of objects with each other on the stage. The system provides for the ability to interact with user during scene demonstration, and objects’ behavior on stage is being managed according to the scenario, which is predesigned by user with the help of a simple script language. These system capabilities allow substantially reduce the time required for the development of some model of an interactive 3D scene; provide possibility for user to participate in actions on scene. The system can be used for training purposes, for analysis and demonstration of various situations, where processes visualization is necessary considering mathematical models and physical properties of objects. The system is developed using the up to date technologies .NET Framework 3.5 and XNA Game Studio 3.1.

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A native of Kharkov, Ukraine, Dr. Alexander Lipanov holds the bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees in Informatics from Kharkov National University of Radioelectronics (KTURE). Dr. Lipanov is currently working as associate professor at the chair of Informatics at KTURE.

He has published 28 scientific articles in the field of management systems, pattern recognition, and medical diagnostic. Dr. Lipanov has registered patent for invention of medical device. He takes now an active part in the field of scientific research in the areas of computer vision for mobile robots, software engineering, semantic networks and medical diagnostic systems.

In 2000, together with partners he found the software development company Infostroy and leads it till today. At his position, Dr. Lipanov doesn’t only fulfill the administrative work, but also organizes software development process as well as project and scientific research management in the company. The results of this research are used in software developed for clients and for company’s own new products.

Roman was born in Poltava, Ukraine. He is now a student at Kharkov National University of Radioelectronics, and a co-worker of Infostroy at the position of Software Engineer. By this time, Roman has participated in Ukrainian competitions in mathematics and programming. Roman has formed a team of students for participating in Microsoft Imagine Cup 2010. Their team reached semi final with their game. Roman has also participated in different scientific conferences in the area of pattern recognition. As a software developer, he works on different software development and research projects in Infostroy Company. One of these projects is the ‘Interactive 3D Scene Modeling and Visualization System’.